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We all have a certain image and it can either be good or bad, it all depends on your fashion level. For church there is a certain way one must dress, for some churches the rules are preached in sermons and for some other churches, its unspoken either way one thing to note about dressing for Sunday service is to keep your look modest and simple.

Modesty and simplicity are the watch word and if your ensemble doesn’t have any of these then you need an overhaul.

Church fashion is not an enigma like some people think; in actuality it’s encouraged that you put in your best when it comes to what to wear to church. It’s important for you to look good as that equates to being thankful.

What are the tips that you need to put the perfect “church fashion” ensemble together?

Let’s start with jewelry; while some churches all sorts of jewelries others don’t allow at all but one thing is for sure for about 90% of these churches and that’s the “bangles”. Bangles make a lot of clicking sound which can be a distraction hence making it a no-no for all churches.

For your outfit; micro miniskirts are a disaster really… first you won’t be comfortable when all eyes are on you therefore leaving that mini-skirt for after church.

There are some ways people dress that is rather odd even for church, an example is wearing a radical tee-shirt and leopard print leggings (and I mean the one’s with the animal face on it). If you are someone that loves to go “Overboard” with your dressing then its best to avoid such looks when you are going to church.

As usual, telling you isn’t enough, let’s show you, check out the best church fashion ensembles for this Sunday:


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