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When we talk about power dressing, we always reference it to how one must look when they are going to work. The corporate world is one where you must be strong, smart and wise and all this attributes (and more) are represented in the word “Power”.

However, power is not just an attribute to one’s work place or career part, its an attribute to one’s personality both physically and spiritually.

As a christian, one is asked to be powerful both physically, mentally and spiritually… In christian-sphere its important that you posses the ability and capacity to act in a way that defines your humanity and faith.

In the physical your power might be translated in a form, this form is always and most likely through the way you act and through the way you dress.

A christian who is filled with the passion and power of Christ knows that her church fashion has to not only show the power him/she has in Christ but also a form of thanksgiving for being able to harness this God given power. This logic of thanks giving for everything is why Christians are asked to always wear their church best.

Church best is different for everyone but if I were to put it in a simple form “church best means the outfit that would shame principalities working against your progress”

Now that I’ve clearly shown you the thread that connects this words together you should already know that your church fashion should always be powerful and the best.

Just like every other situation sometimes you need a bit of help getting you to the promise land which in this case its looking your best… So relax as we bring you pieces that would inspire you:


Hello World


Karen Kane




Love this church fashion looks… Be inspired 

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