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This weekend promises to hold up a lot of fun, although the weather seems a bit bleak due to the rain falls you need to remember the essence of the water from the sky. Although you should not allow the weather, however it may be tomorrow affect the way you dress to church.

I know I used “fun” at the beginning and many people might be wondering why I choose to use that word; let me clear your doubts…

Going to church is fun, being in the presence of humans beings of like minds, listening to the word of God coming out of the mouth of the preacher is amazing. Those deep in the faith understand that they are not just going to church, they are going home.

Every Sunday you go home, your home is in the presence of the lord, although you carry him around with you the church is the physical place you can call “home”.

What would you wear going home? 

Church fashion is real guys, most definitely and its not to show off or to pick out the best, but being in the presence of God requires you to dress neatly.

We have some church fashion ideas that we think would work for you this Sunday, its a bit of a mixed affair as you get both African and non African print ideas in this look-book;


Hello World








This church fashion styles is definitely a mixed affair, what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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