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Using the right products always ensure that your makeup lasts longer. Most people think that you need tons of makeup to make it stay on, but that’s simply not true and will never be true in years to come.

Imagine a scenario whereby you’ve just got ready for the day and you are feeling like a queen, for not only did you get up in time to perfect your makeup, but you made that appointment early enough, also decided that you are going to go to the gym after that appointment and who knows? Maybe you’ll even go out with the girls for drinks later tonight. You simply feel good achieving all these and later in the day, you look at yourself and discover that all your makeup has smudged off.

Honestly, it’s the worst, especially on a day when everything seems to be going right, only for your makeup to make things go bad. For those of us that can do without makeup, it’s no big deal, but courtesy demands that if you’ve got that lovely makeup on you, it’s supposed to last all day long. Some of us could ascribe it to having oily skin, but does having an oily skin really affect how long your makeup stays? Well, Chrissie Milan, a YouTube make-up tutor eases our minds on how to make your makeup last so long. To this effect, she has put together a trick video for super oily skin.

Oily skin

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This is a breath of fresh air really for most of us because make-up on oily skin can be a hassle.

Watch this video on achieving a 12-hour super makeup on oily skin;

Source: Chrissie Milan

Makeup on oily skin can be better achieved with her master class!

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