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Hurrah! It’s children’s day. Mummies and daddies have equally been waiting to celebrate their kids on this special day, aside their birthdays. Today makes every child feel important, as the Nigerian government has set aside this day to make our kids special. Well, if the government and schools entirely have been putting things in place to celebrate our kids, what things do we as parents or guardians put in place or contribute to see to the huge success of this lovely occasion?

One of such ways to prepare our kids for this auspicious celebration is to get them looking beautiful and attractive. They must have been privileged to have you buy them some fancy outfits prior to this children’s day. You must have equally bought them very fashionable shoes to make them feel special, but what about their glories which is their hair?

As we all know, the hair is the glory of a woman. Without it, all hope is lost for a woman. Implicit in this is that is that no matter how gorgeously dressed you or your little divas appear, their outfits or your becomes equal to zero without a proper hairdo. I will always say that your kid’s hair speaks much about you their mum or guardian. It shows how much attention you pay to these little ones. Even their dad would be highly impressed seeing his mummy junior rocking very stylish hairstyles. Therefore, your little ones should be prepared to rock these kiddies’ funky hairstyles in the children’s day spirit;

Style 1:

style 1

Hello World

Style 2:

style 2

Style 3:

style 3

Style 4:

style 4

Style 5:


Style 6:


Whether you have chosen to pack your child’s hair or weave it, these kiddies’ funky hairstyles rock!

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