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It is a well known fact that taking style clues from some of the world’s most fashionable women is all well and good, but if you work in a corporate environment, it can be particularly difficult to apply some of what you have learned to your real life, reason being that what applies to A does not apply to B. Yes! Office dress codes are often strict and they can be a sartorial wet blanket when you are trying to look cute at work.

When you feel getting style clues from most fashionable women doesn’t really apply to your work environment, you then have to try another form of research. This time, you simply have to narrow it down to searching for fashionable or stylish women who dress in the corporate way.

Well, since saving you from plenty stress has always been the order of the day for us, some beautiful corporate styles have been carefully selected to inspire you. You have to look at some work place bloggers too. We have racked our brains for some ideas on how to look cute even when your dress code seems to forbid it. Many corporate dress codes call for conservative, often dated looks, not straying too far from a uniform comprising a black suit jacket, crisp white shirt, and black suit pants. If this sounds familiar to you, we recommend you keep reading: We have some thoughts on how you can technically follow such a code but still look on-trend and stylish. Here are the chic and trendy corporate styles to begin the week;

Style 1:


Hello World

Style 2:


Style 3:


Style 4:


Style 5:


Style 6:

Maria Okan

These corporate styles are just simple and fab!

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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