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By now, it is a known and established fact that we, at Madivas, love gele. However it might be, we love this great accessory that have redefined parties and owambes. But before we show off the gele collection for this beautiful Wednesday, let go down the history lane of gele in Nigeria.

Coined by the Yoruba people of Nigeria, gele has been a thing for Nigerians and Africans since ages as wearing of headwraps is a traditional norm of Africans. it has been part of Africa’s History and different cultures for years. Starting as early as 1700.  They come in many shapes and sizes.

Back in the days, the colors of head wraps carried different meanings and also for a man to wear a head wrap is different from a woman. Both have different meanings.  It is believed that some cultures used gele before the days of slavery so that men could show off their wealth and the level of their social status and so that women could prove that they were prosperous and spiritual.

Having weathered those times, gele is now a more celebrated fashion accessory by all in these Modern days. An artfully folded gele is part of everyday wear and de rigueur for special occasions like weddings. Any kind of fabric can be use to wrap a gele, and handwoven cloth, aso oke, has long been used. Today’s towering and intricate styles are best executed with a thin, crisp rectangle of cloth imported from Switzerland. Its paperlike consistency is ideal for folding, wrapping and layering.

However you like your gele styles, here is a lookbook for you….


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Got a favourite? Do share with us in the comment box 

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