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Its Saturday morning and of cause its time to clean, after a long week of work am sure your home is clustered and you need to de-cluster and sanitize your environment. But first take a step back and really look at your home then ask yourself why its that clustered in the first place?


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Well the simple answer to this is that you have a lot of things that you don’t need somewhere among the piles of books, clothes, bags, shoes etc therefore you need to let go. The concept of letting go is something that is much talked about in all aspects of our lives and this includes our cupboards, kitchen cabinet, closet etc.

Now its time to purge out the unnecessary so ask your self this questions “why am I holding on this things? What purpose does it serve? so if you are still holding on to this 20 items then its about time you let them go to goodwill or the trash;

  1. Neglected projects; if you wanted to learn how to knit 3 years ago and never got around to it then you need to throw the yarn out chances are you would never get around to it till you are probably 60.
  2. Old Magazines and Old newspaper.
  3. Outdated Electronics.
  4. Non-recent birthday cards.
  5. Kitchen gadgets that are broken or useless.
  6. Empty shoe box.
  7. Love letters from back in the day.
  8. Containers that have no lid.
  9. Clothes that are too small and ugly.
  10. Books you read and didn’t like.
  11. Programs from weddings, shows or exhibition and tickets from concerts or wherever.
  12. Office supplies you don’t use or need anymore.
  13. Mementos, childhood toys and stuffed animals.
  14. Old Textbooks
  15. Irrelevant files and paper works from past jobs
  16. Old invitations, old calender’s, last years calendar, holiday cards.
  17. Clothes you’ve never worn because you don’t like them, miss matched socks.
  18. Old crusty and gross makeup
  19. Dvd’s, Cd’s that are old scratched and the ones you don’t love.
  20. Expired canned food, vitamins, drugs, moisturizer (basically anything you have that is expired).

This is the list of 20 things you need to get rid off in your house and when you are done with this purge you would feel like the world is at your feet.

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