As fashion changes over time so does style; we can clearly see that these millennium is a mix up of all types of clothes from the past. for example in the 50’s many women wore skirts only, it was considered a faux pas and somewhat illegal for women to wear pant trouser, depending on the country and state of affair. In the 80’s and 90’s things were different, pants became the preferred option and dress was more for hobo’s and bohemians. In this millennium we’ve seen an embrace for all of the above, dresses, skirts,pants you name it. Clothes and retro trends came back with a bang aside’s that the world has also become a more aware of other cultures and how they dress and when you put this in the mix you know we millennial have won in the fashion game.

One of these cultures mixed with fashion that the world have taking note of is the Ankara style. It has been a huge part of the African culture and now it has received a new lease of life with designers coming out with beautiful and incredible styles one of them being the Ankara pants. The only difference between the Ankara pants and other pants style is the fabric.

Even if you are a self proclaimed “pants” girl you also need a few style ideas especially when you are dealing with the African print. Thanks to the colours of the Ankara, it is usually hard for a lot of people to style it, but we are here to show you that there are essential styling tricks that you can learn from looking at the images that we have provided for you below.


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You have consulted our pictorial guide and we are sure you’ve seen the best ways to style your Ankara pants. These styles are most certainly attainable, we hope you try them soon.

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