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One of the biggest questions great fashionistas have had to answer in the past is; “Would you wear the same clothes as your toddler or child?”

Even between twin babies, there are still controversies on whether it is ideal to dress your twin babies alike. Some argue that dressing them differently is preferable, reason being that if they are used to always being together or always wearing the same clothes, then the older they get, the more distressed they may become if you try to make changes. However this does not mean denying their special relationship as one of a multiple. They further argue that this rather allows them see themselves as individuals who have the bonus of being part of a multiple unit. Whatever  be the case, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

More than two million photos of siblings, friends and parents wearing matching clothes have been posted on Instagram under the hashtag #twinningWell, many parents make this trend seem very real even in pictures. In recent times, mothers put the “twinning trend” into great use, leaving everyone dazzled. You find them rocking the twin or matching outfits , turning heads and making people around them crave for more beautiful sights. In other words, they make these styles so enchanting that you even want to beg to take a photo with them or get connected with their designers.

Some of these mother and child Ankara twin outfits that can make heads turn for you and your kids are as follows;

Style 1

Hello World

Style 2

Style 4

Style 5

Style 6

My ladies, it’s all about you and your kid(s) all styled in the charming mother ad child Ankara twin outfits!

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