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Brunch on Sunday’s is a time to catch up with food involved. For those of us who have had our fair share of brunches over the years, we’ve been able to study what to wear and we’ve learnt a thing or two that we can surely teach you.

Here are some pointers for a charming after church look;

*  After a long work week of wearing work clothes, its time to take it off during the weekend and honestly there is nothing more enjoyable than shaking off with fabulous and fun pieces, its rather enjoyable so don’t hold back there’s nothing like too much effort

*  Brunch is for having a good time and so wearing super tight outfits wouldn’t do you justice, remember you are going to eat and relax.

*  One must be sensible when it comes to the choice of a footwear, if you love high heels than its all well and good, go for something like a 2 inch or 1 inch city sandals or you could kick that away by wearing regular flats and flipflops.

The reason why opting for flat pumps is such a great idea is because of the simple fact that you don’t know where you might end up at the end of the day.

Did you expect more rules? Am sure you did but its brunch it shouldn’t be packed full with all types of pointers. These three rules are just all you need to stick by (its a thing of choice).

Now lets get down to business here are some brunch after church outfit ideas you should see:


Hello World

Mizz Enocha

Cicily Issa

Garment Factory







Having gone through these after church outfit ideas, am sure you’ll get through brunch with so much ease.

Be Inspired!!!

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