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Many people might know Lillian Afegbai from her days albeit short in the big brother house. While she might have been evicted early the now actress and real estate agent was most certainly one to watch, so much so that following her eviction from the Big brother hotshots house she was announced as the face of Multi-choice west Africa.

Now a couple of years down the line the star has definitely risen. Today we would be crushing on her party ready outfits or as I like to call it, Owambe Looks. Since Lillian Afegbai shot into the lime light, the actress has been at par with her fashion senses, of cause we wouldn’t go as far as calling her an Icon yet- we can boldly say that her style has inspired a lot of people especially when it comes to her party ready pieces.

Whether its for an owambe off the red carpet or on the red carpet, the sultry actress knows her stuff. Her looks are always pristine but with a dash of flash, blending together to make something classic. Thanks to her, we can find some of the best ways to rock and style our party dresses.

Lets take a look at some of her stunning party ready styles;

Champagne Queen

Hello World

Golden Girl

Purple Reign


White Rose

Black Florist

Orange Blaze

Pink Lady

Mellow Yellow

Source-Instagram; Lillian Afegbai (@LillyAfe)

Truly, being fashionable has to be a special talent- whether she styles herself or she allows the help of others Lillian Afegbai totally nails her look every time.

I believe you’ve found this post inspiring, now tell us which one of these looks you prefer or which you think she totally slayed… Leave your comment in the comment section behind.

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