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Fashion and beauty is extended to everyone from all works of life, it also doesn’t care about your age or your religion. Fashion is a neutral body because it can be interpreted by everyone according to what suits them.

While we are well aware that fashion in itself is accessible to us; some people manage to do it better than others and this people are celebrities.

Celebrities are in a league of their own, so much so that we can’t imagine ourselves looking like that in real time. Many style icons and celebrities have managed to keep their style on a pedastle that we look up to.

One of such person is Waje Iruobe, the songstress is undoubtedly one of the best female singers in Africa and she is lowkey a fashion forward woman.

Unlike many of her counterparts who keep their style unimaginative and uninventive Waje has mastered the art of rocking pieces that are exclusive to her. Her taste in fashion is quirky and classic at the same time.

The singer has proved that she is more than what she seems with her choice pieces. Lets scroll down to ckeck out some of her most inspiring looks;


Hello World


Dapper Woman

Classic Swerve

Not Just Casual

Couture Ring


Waje Iruobe is gold, she has a powerful and fierce voice and not only that she has an imaginative and amazing sense of style what more can we ask for.

Which one of these looks popped into your mind after scrolling through? Tell us in the comment box below, that might be our favorite too.

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