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Dress sense sometimes doesn’t come as naturally as one would think. To get a dress sense, first there must be an urge, a passion for fashion and then one must have a keen eye.

The journey to being fashionable is not a days job for many; some have to work at it before they find their bearing. Everyone can’t look the same or like the same things therefore being fashionable affects one’s personality more than you would think.

In Nigeria, just like most countries celebrities are expected to have a keen sense of style. This expectation doesn’t work well because not all celebrities have a good sense of style. Because celebrities are expected to be fashionable they try to do as much as they can, many resulting to getting personal style shoppers and stylist to come to their aid.

In Nollywood, the Yoruba film actresses have been dragged through the mud for their supposed “lack of style” but out of those being drag some people stand out and Iyabo Ojo is one of those people.

Actress, producer and director Iyabo Ojo is one of the few celebrities that own their looks in the “Yoruba” film industry. She might not be the “best dressed actress” yet but she’s clearly on the right part. The screen diva who is very active on social media post some fabulous pictures recently and we love them.

What makes her style attractive is the simple fact that her dress sense varies, sometimes she goes younger and other time she stays within her age bracket. No matter what she wears she seems to pull it off greatly and that’s what we love about her style.

Now lets take a look shall we:

Iyabo Ojo

Hello World


Iyabo Ojo




Iyabo Ojo


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