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There’s a staple for every period in fashion, you can trace a generation just by what was trending at the point in time and even though many generations repeat looks from the other there is that specific generation you could trace a particular look to. For this generation we would probably be remembered for being a melting pot of all other generations and more specific for every and all things deconstructed. Even so we have had chances to recreate and take inspirations from several fashion periods, in which we have looked through these catalog and converted it to an experience that fits this century.

In 2018 the definition of casual seems obvious right? You might say casual is this and that but it’s actually a representation of versatility and diversity, What this means is that casual for you might not be for the next person, we are not in the All must follow a certain trend generation we are more into what we are comfortable with, what we feel confident and daring in and what makes us unique and gets the ultimate attention.

While some people state a certain criteria for themselves others prioritize their reality of comfort and thus what we have come to know as different takes on style. We’ve got the scoop on some amazing casual styles from Instagram that would set your fashion reach this week.

Casual Styles | What You Need


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Like what you see? Well let’s know how you feel about these casual styles from Instagram all you need to do is leave your comment in the box below.

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