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The years when I was a student holds some of my best memories, the idea of being independent, the reality of growth, the valuable life lessons to learn; Elysian is the word I could use to describe those moments now that I think about it.

As a student, your life is just starting, you are exposed to both the good and the harsh realities that comes with being a young adult. This experiences doesn’t take away from the fact that you have a point to make, a role to play and a part to choose.

While I was a student I remember having to juggle being studious with being fashionable, somehow with the expectancy and mind set of many other students this two didn’t got together. There was something about being fashionable that was associated with being less than smart.

This mindset in’t just something I was privy to witness but its something that affected and still affects a lot of young men and women today. One thing is the fact that fashion has been misconstrued as something that should remain a hobby.

In reality fashion is much more powerful than one can imagine, it moves the world in ways that a lot of people didn’t foresee and so I say to my young friends who are in colleges, polytechnics, universities, college of educations etc.

“Do not allow the archaic mindset of the past ruin you, fashion is a lifestyle”

 If you love being fashionable then by all means go for it. The power of first impressions is by how well and put together you look, therefore take charge of your wardrobe, this road is one you want to continue on because in the long run you would be grateful.

How should you look like as a student?

As a student you have the time to experiment so try experiment with these casual style in the look-book below:


Hello World








I love these casual styles for students what about you… Tell us your favorite casual styles for students in the comment section below.

Be Inspired!!

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