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Trust me, the era of seeing a cockroach infested looking hair has passed. We now have very healthy looking natural hair on most of us. Besides, whoever sees something good will always admire and long to have the same, except the individual is someone who doesn’t like good things.

On that note, you may have wondered what is the big secret behind that very healthy looking natural hair you have been admiring. Well, a lot of secrets have been revealed on what is really behind this, but another secret will wow you. It’s simply the use of our very beautiful and handy fruit, carrot.

Natural hair

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There are so many videos on hair growth, but we’ve got a video from Short Term Secret Hindi on YouTube which is just perfect for you. We know that carrots are good for health, but did you know that they are also good for hair growth?

Yes! The importance of the carrot to the natural hair cannot be over emphasized. Carrots are known to add thickness to hair and make hair grow faster.

They are filled with nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin A, K, C, B6, B1, B3, B2, fibre, potassium, phosphorous and many others which are good for health, skin and hair.

There are equally many advantages of using carrots for your hair; it stimulates hair growth, makes hair silky-smooth and textured, improves blood circulation, strengthens hair, prevents breakage of hair and hair fall. Besides, it protects hair from external damages like pollution, weather among others.

You just need the following to achieve a super long and strong thick natural hair with carrot;

  • Carrots Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • A container
  • A Blender

Here’s a video to guide you;

Source: Short Time Secret Hindi

Having known this, don’t just stay consuming your carrots, leave some for your natural hair!

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