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The most random thought is thinking that you don’t have to slay in your Aso ebi because you do. The aso ebi style trend has been massive this year and we are just in the second half of the year; which means its only going to get better so if you think its a phase that would fizzle out then you need re-awakening.

Right when you think that the styles can’t get better, new stuff continue to pop up for example, last week we had to talk about the new rave which is the floral details aso ebi trend. This aso ebi trend has taken us by storm as many wedding guest and brides can be seen in fantastic floral detailed aso ebi styles.

If you are thinking that the floral details aso ebi trend is all that is new then you need to know that while you were in fashion limbo, the invisible fashion angels have been spreading ideas around and only those creative enough can catch on to it.

Lets be real, many of these new aso ebi styles trend are the best statement pieces if you want to be the second best dressed at the wedding (the bride is the person that should be the best dressed so put that at the fore front of your mind) and so we’ve put together some of the most fabulous aso ebi styles from this past weekend.

These are real head turners and its all thanks to the creative geniuses of fashion designers who know their stuff and know how to work it into real life.


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Banke Meshida


These aso ebi styles are high street fashion which is why we decided to bring them for your viewing and inspirational pleasure but we would like to known which style you like the most. Tell us in the comment section below.

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