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Have you ever had that one friend that you loved so much but every time you are around her her negativity engulfs you? Well this situation is quite serious and so its time to say “Bye Felicia”. An unhealthy friendship can cause emotional pain, they are one of the worst type’s of pain because its so hurtful to hear someone you love and adore say negative things about you all the time. Somehow this relationship becomes an addiction, you know its bad for you but you can’t seem to break it off and it only takes will power to let go of an unhealthy friendship.

Letting go of an unhealthy friendship is very though and here are the things you should consider on this journey;

  • What’s your definition of friendship? Its a possibility that what friendship means to you s quite different from your friends, so thin this through and have a discussion with your friend, find out what this also means to her/him this way if your friend reciprocates then you are on the way to a healthy friendship but if not then this is not a relationship you want to maintain.


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  •  Are you exhausted by this friendship? Unhealthy friendships are draining literally, whenever you hang around this person you feel super exhausted every time and if you keep on concealing how you feel then resentment would start creeping up and this is not a good sign.
  • Is there a balance in your friendship? Friendships are two sided because somehow you need each other, if your friendship is one sided and lacks depth then you need to let go, delete, unfollow, move along.


  • Letting go is okay: When you are attached to a person emotionally the thought of letting go is hard and that’s fine because its only natural. What you need to realize is that letting go is a slow process, start by seeing less of the person always think of what you feel when you are around such friend this would help your decision.


  • Know its nobody’s fault but try to stay open: Relationships come to an end and its nobody’d fault. You may choose to confront your friend directly by saying you need some space or you may choose to let go slowly. At the end your friendship would be over but don’t let that stop you from meeting new people, the lesson you have learnt would help you evolve and be more mature about your new friendships.

Unhealthy friendships are the worst, are you in one or do you know anyone involved in one? Its time to let go and come out of this bondage, re-read this tips and start working on yourself.

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