Hey Lovelies

Everyone wants a butty, but how hard are you willing to work for it? As it turns out there are various butt lift exercise that you could try out, so you don’t need plastic surgery to get a firm butt all you need is to follow the right routine and the quick and effective way is through building the butt muscle while your entire body works out. This butt workout exercise routine is best if you are at the beginners stage or you don’t have any fitness equipment.

When trying to get into this routine start by warming up for at least 5 minutes, do this by stretching every part of your body or do a light two minute cardio then do each three-move circuit twice and end with a three minute stretching. Remember there are several types of exercises you can carry out for a better butt but lets start off with this simple 5 minute workout.

Gear up ladies!!! its time to take your butt from flat to full, tight and firm with this butt workout video;


Make sure you try this work out and don’t forget to stretch afterwards. Try this butt workout for 30 days non stop.

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