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I’ve always thought the term “business casual” could become a bit awkward. This thought is a lot of people’s truth as they find it challenging, not knowing exactly what the Human resource department wants. The “business casual” amongst all the other dress code is simply difficult to design, most people can’t tell the difference between the casual dress code and the business casual or the business formal and the business casual… Already, this feels complicated.

The “business casual” look sometimes veer towards a more uber professional look and while some times it may be more laid back than the normal way a person dresses to work. Whichever the case may be it is very easy to get lost in trying to figure it out and many times you would find yourself in front of your closet, hand on hips wondering which of the clothes in your closet works for this look.

We decided to discuss what we believe a business casual look was supposed to be and we think we’ve figured it out; first by definition we believe it’s a mixture of both and so your look has to be polished while there is still room for a little fun for example rather than a plain white crisp shirt you could go for one with a puff exaggerated sleeve.

You could also be subtle or loud with prints it all has to do with what your office would actually accept. For business casual you can adhere to your dress code while you have fun with your outfit, your look shouldn’t be bland but totally creative and smart.

Remember don’t go overboard and because we want you to stay on track here’s some business casual looks that we believe are essential to inspiring your style selection;


Hello World


Empress Dictabee



Toun AJ

Which business casual outfit do you like best? Tell us in the comment section below.

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