On the race to the finish line, after getting all the tiny and ity bity details sorted out that’s when you should search for your bridal reception outfit right? Wrong, you should search for your reception outfit just after you’ve gotten your wedding gown. Here are some ideas you should check out:


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It’s certain that as a bride your reception outfit should be as fabulous as your wedding gown. Its not a grab what you can situation, you have to pay attention to the details because your bridal reception outfit is just as important. If you don’t understand how important it is let #BAAD2017 show you how your wedding day is the only time you can make a show with what you wear.

The bridal reception outfit inspiration that we put above is to serve as a scope on where your head space should be in when it comes to the choices you make. Its interesting that we have to point out the disparity in the collection above. At the beginning you see a more glamorous idea and then in the middle it becomes a more toned down look and then back to a more relaxed glam at the end.

The reason for this is to combine looks that we believe you could all relate to, some people like the glitters and others would rather settle for something a little less pronounced.

Tell us what you liked about this collection down below…

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