There’s a desire to look awesome on the “big day”. Big day being the word used for a wedding day. The choice of a wedding – bridal hairstyle is one of importance, in fact it’s one of the toughest decisions that you might make seeing that there are just so many types of hairstyles for black women out there. Also, every woman has a different preference when it comes to their hair, and they would want their choice to reflect their beauty without so much fuss.

What options do you have dear African Brides? Of cause there are so many types of hairstyle you can pull off as an African woman. The texture of your hair does absolutely nothing to deter you from looking your absolute best on your ‘Big Day’.

This look below is adventurous, thanks to the grand golden leaf crown on top of the hair. Only a bride who is bold and feisty can pull off this vibrant but sultry look, however there are so many other options you can choose from. Like I said, hair texture plays a role but not such a tough well as you can still try out different hairstyles with your locks.


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However if you would rather stick to classic types of accessories then you need to check put defining styles that would make them work well for you…

Beaded – Back

Beaded – Front

Mat & Twist – Back

Mat & Twist – Front

Kinky Back

Kinky Front

Flowers – Back

Flowers – Front

Plait & Twist – Back

Plait & Twist – Front

Bowed – Back

Bowed – Front

Photo Source: Instagram | @dmgtouch, lbvmakeovers

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