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You’re not doing the grand sweep down an aisle. You’ve opted for a magistrate’s court wedding. Which doesn’t make it any less special or noteworthy. Court weddings tend to be smaller, with only a couple of witnesses and a few family members at most. You can then invite your friends to celebrate your union at a party afterwards, which also need not hold any of the ‘reception’ quality about it – a meal at a restaurant, or picnic with a handful of your mates is optimal.

Some couples do it because it’s simpler and they don’t buy into all of the wedding hoopla. Others because nothing could be more romantic than getting married in a whirlwind.

Forget going to the church to get married: The court wedding has never been chic-er.

There’s something so romantic about a court wedding. The focus on the bride and groom, the lack of distraction, and the fabulous options for attire and post-nuptial celebration have us daydreaming of a wedding do-over.So what do you wear?

Just about anything goes. You can do the bride’s white dress, if that’s your desire (but it tends to be an overkill in this situation). A court wedding, with none of the frills and fuss of a traditional ceremony, can also be your chance to show your personal style in a none traditional bridal gown.

Well, if you are in doubt or not sure of how to style your court wedding dress, then here are some inspiration for you…


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Your wedding dress has to be chic, elegant and utterly unforgettable…even if it’s a court wedding.

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