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Just before we get to the enjoyable part of the week, I came across this boobs myths we should debunk totally since it hasn’t been proved. Remember when those little things were just growing and there were so many rules to ensuring they grow well not too big or not small, and that time, it was the important part of our body all because we don’t want to be made fun of. But as we grew older, we became comfortable with our boobs but these rules stick stuck along with us.


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Here are some of the boobs myths that you should debunk

  • Gaining weight means your boobs gets bigger: Even though it’s suppose to add to it, it’s not always the case. When we add weight, we store fat differently, so extra pounds may or may not go to your chest but it all depend on your body.
  • Breast implants last a lifetime: Just like every medical devices that doesn’t last a lifetime so are those implants. Even when you try to forget them, there comes a time you need to exchange your implants.                           Female-Holding-Breast-Implants
  • Sleeping with bra prevents your breasts from sagging: Not only is it uncomfortable sleeping with your bra, there is no proof that sleeping with your bra at nights will do your breasts any good. But if you feel comfortable with it, go ahead and strap them on.
  • Exercise can make your boobs bigger: Sorry…breasts aren’t made of muscle tissue but of tissue and fat, so the only thing that chest exercises can do for your boobs is to strengthen the pectoral muscles beneath your breasts which makes your chest appear perkier not increase your cup size.
  • Small boobs don’t need to wear sports bra: Regardless of your cup size, it is important for all ladies to wear supportive sports bra to prevent back pain, discomfort or tissue damage which cause stretch marks and sagging during high-impact workouts.                                                                                                                                         o-BOOST-METABOLISM-facebook
  • Not all breast lumps are cancerous: Finding a lump in your breasts doesn’t mean you have cancer, it could be benign which is known to cause hormonal irregularities, but most importantly , endeavour to go see a physician when you notice anything.
  • Certain bras can cause cancer: There is no scientific or biological evidence that there is a link between wearing underwire bra and breast cancer risk. Any thing observed is due to other factors definitely not that.

So ladies, these myths should be thrown out of the door and our lives too.

What are the other myths about boobs? Share with us how you’ve dealt with these myths in the comment box.

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