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There is nothing as satisfactory as looking good, just imagine having on an outfit that people not only admire from afar but also come close enough to ask you how you were able to put it together. This compliments put a smile on your face, it lightens up your mood and it makes you feel super confident.

Well, we believe that every slayonce who would be heading to an owambe must have the gele headgear on. This is because the gele provides you with a certain perfection. Think about it, the headgear goes so well with your outfit that when you take it off the outfit suddenly losses its sparkle. The Nigerian head wrap aka gele isn’t a modern thing, although many of the styles this days are new, the idea in itself is a long standing tradition.

You can only image how the head wrap was a long time ago, this is because the history can be traced as far back as the 1700’s and even back then the head wrap came in different styles and forms. The gele has always been known to be made from stiff fabric so that moulding would be easier and thus different styles could be formed, this is another characteristic that still holds till today.

The aso oke which is one of the oldest known fabric is a favourite, you can use it to tie any gele style of your choice and in this millennial era, we’ve seen that we’ve moved from plain and ordinary gele’s to embellishments and bedazzled pieces.

The gele is certainly a wonderful way of connecting to our history and culture and it’s a wonderful finish to our traditional attires so let’s inspire you with these bold gele styles in the gallery below;

Gele Style

Hello World

Gele Style

Gele Style

Gele Style

Gele Style

Gele Style

Gele Style

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