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Am not against the team don’t hide your assets but live them, to be candid if you have the confidence to show off your assets then go right ahead, my only problem is most ladies with small waist, big butties and thighs find it really hard to dress appropriately, their extra-ordinary voluptuous asset makes it seem that way but the case is quite different because its so easy to dress a voluptuous body, the trick is to take note of that part of your body. There are several ways a voluptuous lady you can dress and still look classy and elegant, below i highlight the rules that should be followed;

1. Focus on your upper body: Like Joselyn Dumas here, pair a loose fitting blouse with a pencil skirt, the blouse would make it seem like your upper body is just as voluptuous as your lower half. This is the perfect option if you do not want to over emphasize your features.



Hello World

2. Accentuate your features: This is the era of curvaceous diva’s so if you got that confidence then the body con outfits is for you, Just Like Corazon, emphasize your features with a lovely body con outfit, wear a spanx to put them all in place.




 3. Nice Fitting Pair: The best jean for a curvaceous lady would be the high waist jean because it brings out all the necessary features, but on a day you feel like looking normal and not drawing too much attention to yourself, a good ol’ Tee shirt with a modern twist and a pair of normal waistline jean just like marrgee’s is perfect.



4. Wrap it up:  The wrap dress has a way of creating a smooth flowing figure, unnecessary angles are not made obvious with the wrap dress because the effect of a wrap dress is a model like appearance, just like toolz get a wrap attire that would suit you.



4. Go with the Flow: A floor length loose gown with an empire waistline or a belt to demarcate the top half from the lower half is pure perfection for a curvaceous lady. Like marrgee, get a floor length gown that would accentuate your features in the most sensual way.


Two tone

6. Show Off: If you have a flat tummy, big booty and thin waist show it off in a casual manner like lisa here

lisa visagie

Dark Blend

Tip: A-line outfits fit really nicely, also avoid any box shaped outfit.

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So which one of this outfits are your no one choice? leave all comments in the comment box below.




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