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Natural hair was nothing to me, I didn’t understand the significance of anything, I just wanted to relax my hair and move on with my life. My natural hair was quite painful and hard and it broke combs and so I just could deal with the head aches anymore and relaxed my hair to give me peace of mind.

I only understood that most people kept their natural hair I never saw it as something that was beautiful because the one’s I saw with their natural hair always looked like the poorest people in the world, it was always a sorry sight. This situation sipped into my senses and fine-tuned it so much so that all I wanted to do every month was relax my hair.

Fat forward to a lot of years later, the natural hair is now a movement and am glad and proud to say that I am a naturalist-a finally. The funny thing is I’ve always loved afro and I’ve always loved curly hair rather than straight but I always assumed that they were all wigs. Now that I know that I can turn my natural hair anyway I want it am overjoyed (if only you could see my excitement).

Many people who are fresh naturalist-a’s like myself find it very difficult to take care of their hair or style it but ladies you should know that it’s not as hard as you think it is. To help you out these are the best hairstyles that every natural girl can try out.

You could do this yourself or get it done at a natural hair salon but you should remember to moisturize your hair at all times. Don’t forget to do this because if you don’t moisturize your hair can become dry and brittle. Let’s look at some of the hairstyles that you can try out this week;


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