The weather at this time can be hot or cold, therefore if you want to change your entire wardrobe you have to go for subtle fabrics that are ideal for the present weather condition, asides from getting the perfect fabric you have to choose clothing that are fit and comfortable because tight and oddly fit clothing can be rather annoying when the weather is pretty hot. High temperature combined with high humid can cause restlessness and discomfort especially for people who sweat a lot but with the right fabric, discomfort would be minimal.

What Type Of Fabric To Invest On 

The best fabric for the African climate are those that are made from natural material or semi-synthetic fabric made from natural properties such fabric include:


This is at the bottom of the list, rayon is technically a semi-synthetic fabric with natural properties, this fabric is made from natural cellulose which is subjected to chemical treatments that help in creating a fibrous versatile material suitable for clothing. Rayon is cool and comfortable to wear because it does not trap body heat and it absorbs water easily, it can imitate the texture of silk, wool, cotton and linen. Rayon fabric are in two kinds; the regular (not durable) and the high wet (much stronger version).

rayon fabric

Rayon Attire

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Second on the list is linen. Linen has been used for centuries, not only for clothing also for table cloths, cottons, bed coverings etc. Technically linen is a vegetable as this fabric comes from the flax plant.This fabric is cool, very comfortable and absorbent and is also relatively stain resistant. Once it gets damp it loses water which is perfect for the humid weather.


Linen Dress



Top on the list is cotton. Cotton is a soft and fluffy fiber that grows on a ball, its one of the worlds most important natural fiber because nearly everyone on earth uses it everyday. Cotton permits air movement from the skin through the fabric allowing heat to de-materialize thereby reducing humidity. it absorbs moisture and increases evaporation.

denim cotton

Cotton Denim


Although these fabrics have their disadvantages but nevertheless there are no other fabrics that are better fit for the tropical weather condition in Africa.

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