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The time has come for Africans, to celebrate and reflect on our history and remember the trailblazers who have helped to get us to where we are today;  from civil rights leaders to athletes, and yes, even to beauty entrepreneurs.

Honestly, the cosmetics industry has grossly underestimated the buying power of the black consumer, but so many of those consumers became business people, creating brands that address the beauty and grooming needs of women of colour. From hair care to makeup to skin care, black individuals have really made a mark. Here are some of the best black-owned beauty brands to familiarize yourself with;

1. Oyin Handmade: Oyin is a Yoruba word for honey, which is good on the skin. Jamyla Bennu is the brain behind this product. What started as a one-woman show, quickly evolved into a family venture, and a favourite among natural-haired women.




Hello World

2. Imam Cosmetic: Supermodel Iman decided to create her own collection of product after being fed up with having to bring her own foundation to runway shows and photo shoots, simply because the makeup artists didn’t have any to match her skin tone. This cosmetic line has been making strides ever since, as it is suitable for women with darker skin tones.


bb1 Iman


3. Shea Moisture: Founded by Richelieu Dennis, Shea Moisture is one of the most talked about and recognizable natural hair brand on the market. The company also dabbles in makeup and skin care impressively, and continues to be a pioneer on the scene.


bb1 Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture

4. Magnolia Makeup: Founded by two sisters Niala and Tia Howard, Magnolia makeup is unapologetically all about colours, and is a welcome reminder that beauty products are supposed to be fun.

bb3 mangola


5. Pooka: Pooka’s cosmetic line includes everything from elbow grease and body mists to body scrubs and whipped creams, which comprise healing qualities of aromatherapy, suitable for the skin.

bb4 Pooka


 Sure….blacks also run the beauty world through these black-owned beauty brands!
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