Beret’s are going to be big this year, this prediction was made late last year when celebrities like Rihanna were seen stepping out in berets. The Parisian style is something of a controversial fashion item this is because it has a reputation of being showy and almost always grandiose and sometimes depending on who’s wearing it, the beret has come across as the item you wear when you are trying to make a political or military statement. So, for many people who can’t navigate the middle of this fashion piece, it’s just really hard to be into it so they don’t even try. However the parisians have always been in love with this chic piece and it would seem that the tides are turning in favor of it this new year.

The hat’s dual historical and social context is one thing but it seems that the fashion world is getting on and along side we have the hat stepping out of the mold and becoming a fabulous head piece for true fashion lovers. The beret comes in different textures and vibrancy some are made from the thickest wool, some are made from pure leather, some of made from wool and laced with leather while there are hose made from faux leather so you definitely have a mix of textures. However whatever type of beret you wear would show how balanced your look would be.

Let’s take a look at the chill ways Bonang and Simi rocked their beret style…


Hello World


This fashion bloggers bring the beret fashion to life- keep reading to see the creativity and styling they pulled in other to make the beret extra attractive.






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