How do you become your own boss, launch and manage your business? launching your business is very challenging and frankly only the strong and patient would succeed. The challenges you would face when you start off her hard but what keeps you going is the zeal and excitement of owning and growing something that is entirely yours. So its very important that you do something you truly love or are passionate about.


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As a new business owner, you would realize that there are protocols that you need to put in place not just for those around you but for yourself as well. It is important because it would help you focus, some of the key pointers for managing yourself are the following;

1. Be A Goal-Setter and A Go-Setter

Its very important not to loose sight of whats important. The fact that you have no Kpi’s or performance review forms to fill might make you miss whats important. So you have to stay focused and set goals you would like to achieve weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. This would keep you on track and ensure you keep momentum. It is important that you meet up with this goals and not look at them as a simple list.

2. Organizing Is Key

Compartmentalizing, organizing is very important at this stage because you have to single-handedly deal with every aspect of your business at this stage from the fun parts to the legal stuffs and all those in-between. Therefore its important to keep a file cabinet, use google docs, and apps to make sure you are as organized as possible.

3. Sell Yourself (Not Just Your Business)

Companies that have charismatic leadership tends to succeed more than the others because people believe more in the person than the idea, so take out time to socialize and network rather than leaving it all to email correspondence. Remember it would serve you better to build a personal connection with potentials.

4. Be your own Employee

How would you treat an employee? Well you have to treat yourself like an employee by holding yourself by the same standards you hold your employer which means sticking to scheduled days off, working business hours meeting your goals and expectations. This attitude would help the business grow.

5. Stay Kind but Be Competitive 

Everyone loves a kindhearted but hard working individual, nobody likes a conniving or slick-talking individual so be kind but stay competitive. See your competitors as motivation to be better and move forward.

6. You’re Never Off The Clock

Point 4 was be your own employee but for you, you can’t clock out. Your work is 24 hours 7 days a week, although this doesn’t mean you would be behind the desk the whole time it means you dedicate yourself to your mission everywhere and anywhere, see opportunities around you.

7. Be Accountable

Its very important that you are accountable for everything, you have to be in charge expect and accept responsibilities that has to do with taking care of your business because its your job to see the ideas through to the end. Ensure you have giving the venture a hundred and one %.

This is how you become your own boss, launch and manage your own business. Read this post again and learn, write down this tips. Be successful!!!

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