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I’ll admit am lazy all most of the time and that’s just saying, sometimes when I get up from the bed all I want to do is go back; Some mornings am up and bright while many times am just dragging my feet and getting ready for work, don’t even remind me of those mornings when you have to rush out because you saw game of thrones so late in the night you forgot to set your alarm for the next morning so you end up half scattered to work. Am that type of girl who doesn’t bother about making up at the office, once am out of the house without makeup am out, no touch ups at the office for me because I don’t walk around with a makeup purse (this would be a necessity by the way but am not too much of a girly girl).



Hello World

Now if you are just like me then you need help asap and this beauty tips is guaranteed to save time;

1. Arm yourself by learning the five minute makeup which includes this five items, Eye brow filler/eye pencil, lip and cheek stain, concealer, mascara and foundation but this could be reduced to three (I use three or four depends) Eye pencil, Foundation, Mascara and lip stain.

2. Have a hat in handy; this would do you justice on days you can’t be bothered to untangle your weave.

3. Just like many hairstylist would advice if your hair requires constant curling or tonging then its best you do it the night before.

4. Its so important to keep your skin moisturized and many times we like to do this in the mornings but can’t find time; so in other not to waste a moisturizing opportunity its better to moisturize at night.

5. No time for the 5 minute makeup? what lipstick color brings life to your face? pop that on while you are rushing out.

6. Another way to get out of a really messy hair situation is by tying a scarf.

There are soooo many other beauty tips you can follow  in the morning but lets vote which beauty tips are you likely to or have followed?

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