Hello Pretty Ladies!

Thank God we no longer live in the days of waiting endlessly for one photographer to give us some photo shots in an event. All thanks to technology; you can take now do it yourself; I mean the selfie trend.

You could  be bothered about not being beautiful enough in selfies , just because you put up that duck face. Never mind, there is hope for you. Here are some beauty tips to make your selfies look better than ever;


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1.Always ensure that you check out your makeup in natural light before heading out. Do your makeup under a fluorescent bulb, if it’s already late at night so as to make sure every contouring blends well.

2. Go for a smokey eye when in doubt, playing with colors when putting on your eye makeup does no good for you here.

3. Get that classy look by going for red lips; they never go wrong, you could look washed out under the wrong lightning in some nude lipstick colors.

4. Ensure to stick a pack of blotting sheets in your purse in order to dab away the excess oil on your face before taking a selfie.

5. Angle matters most here, find what angle works for you thus, so find your good side when taking pictures .

6. Avoid skipping the primer as it lets your concealer and foundation go on smoothly giving your skin an even glow. On those days when you know you are going to attend much events, hence, don’t ever skip your primer before those selfies.

These few tips would truly make your selfies look better than ever.

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