Hey Expecting Mums

Whether you are 2 weeks gone or more its very important to take good care of yourself. If you were ever lazy before you got pregnant then you need to pray for courage and strength because you need it. As a pregnant woman, its no news that you find yourself in such a delicate situation, so you need to pay attention to everything, what you eat, what you wear and even your beauty and skin care regimen.

A few weeks back, I noticed my house-mate had huge stretch marks on her leg, I’ve never noticed them before and I was shocked at how glaring it was so I asked her if she had always had them on her legs. She was surprised I had never noticed them but then she always wore pants and maxi gowns so who could blame me. Long story short, this marks came about as a result of a cream reaction, during her pregnancy, she had used a cream thinking it would work wonders for her skin, this cream in-fact made matters worse. So now you see why its very important for a pregnant woman to pay close attention to her skin. Sadly after 2-years my house-mate is living with the outcome of that one mistake.


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To answer the obvious questions already floating in your mind ;

  1. Yes you can combat stretchmarks with body oil while pregnant, simply slather body oil all over your slightly damp skin, make sure you focus on your thighs, belly, hips and breast, this is the key to keeping things tight during and after pregnancy.
  2. All your hormones are on over drive therefore your oil glands are definitely producing a lot more so to keep things at bay and avoid acne and other skin problems, make sure you cleanse your skin twice daily, do not use products that are too scrubby because they might only Inflame your skin, go for baby safe and mild products.
  3. After cleansing your face, as is the usual practice the next step is to gently moisturize and massage your skin but this time you have to go for an oil free product. Although if acne persist then you could try using tea tree oil or sulfur-based products if it persist go see a doctor.
  4. Its okay to wake up with swollen eye bags, you can correct this by drinking lots of water but for a simple quick fix, place two slices of potato or cucumber in the freezer, leave it there for 5 minutes, take it out and place on the swollen area, switch sides till cucumber or potato is warm.
  5. By the second trimester, the estrogen would help your hair and nails grow faster, so you have to pay attention to your hair and nail care. To remain hygienic skip your regular nail care (no chemicals allowed) go old school and if you want to dye your hair then you have to be safe, use a vegetable based or ammonia free hair dye.

This are simple tips that would help you look hot even while you are pregnant. Remember all products should be natural based #No chemicals allowed.

What Skin care products did you use while you were pregnant, share with us you might be helping an expecting mom.

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