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Have you ever heard a beauty lie before? Don’t be fooled by the word beauty lie, it might look a bit confusing but the simply truth is the fact that we’ve been hearing many of this lies and so many times they’ve cost us one way or another (am a living witness to that fact). The point is this beauty lies are not believed to be lies, instead it has been paraded as a myth or norm of some sort and a lot of us have fallen victim to this false facts.

We all have different bodies and the fact that our organs are alike doesn’t mean our genetic structure is the same, so what works for Aunty Bukky would or might not work for Ogechi but would probably work for husseina, this fact makes some things a beauty lie and this is all because of the misinformation around the world of beauty.



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The beauty world is full of personal opinions and tryouts while some of this ideologies might come and go many of them still remain and they are paraded as rules to guide the standard of how things are supposed to be done. Scroll and see what the lies are and find out their truth;

1. If it stings, its working: Well this is not the case according to dermatologist stinging and burning are signs of irritation which can lead to damaged skin.

2. Skin care regimen have to be expensive to work: Okay this is the lie that drive people mad looking for money to buy a high end cream because they think since its expensive its the best; drugstore products are also good and you might find one that’s cheap and just as good.

3. Your shampoo and conditioner must be the same brand: Whoever said this must have been h**h, I for one use different brands and it works just fine. Also there are different conditioners made for different purposes.

4. Skin care regimen is for everybody: Actually its not, those with sensitive skin can load up their skin with products all the time, it would ultimately damage their skin.

5. Shampoo before conditioning: Well not for those with thinning hair, its better to deep condition before shampoo in such cases.

6. Laser hair removal removes hair forever: Well this is unlikely, it does for some people but not all.

7. You can heal split ends: How does that work, split ends are damaged hair cuticles, the best way to stop them is by snipping them off.

8. Deodorant can give you cancer: The fact is that there is no evidence to support this claim.

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