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How are you doing today? It’s yet anther beautiful Tuesday and you know on days like this we love to share the best in gele styles so far. There are so many different styles but what seems to me more re-occurent is the infinity pleat gele styles. Technically when a trend keeps trending it becomes a staple- the infinity pleat gele since it’s creation in 2016 has taking over the gele scene, with tutorials and video’s surfacing on how to create the look, from then we moved on to auto-gele which is an infinity style gele cap which you can wear at your own convenience, now a large number of fashion lovers have the pleat in their homes.

The infinity pleat gele styles are absolutely gorgeous and a lot of women like it because of it’s simplicity, compared to the avante garde (Orente) or fan gele but there is a misconception; a lot of people have asked if only plain fabrics can be used for the gele since they don’t see a lot of people using the beaded gele’s for the pleat. In truth, any fabric and texture of fabric can be used for the gele, that’s one of the reason’s why it such a popular style- whether it’s soft cotton like Ankara or hard textured like damask or aso oke, you can create a beautiful infinity pleat style.

Now let’s dive into the look-book as we show you beaded infinity pleat gele styles…

Infinity Pleat LOOK-BOOK


Hello World






Be Inspired To Be Glam!

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