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Life is so funny! Imagine there was a time when any lady who wanted to belong in an Owambe would rock a very massive gele to the party. Trust our Nigerian guys who wouldn’t stop teasing we ladies! Some would even ask you; “Auntie why are you carrying a ceiling fan on your head?”. Come to think of it! Those head gears or gele were really a pain in the flesh, but thank God we are beginning to learn more simple ways of looking fabulous, and one of these is that of rocking the simple head wrap, be it an Ankara head wrap or any other material.

Head wraps are life! They save us from bad hair days and basic outfits, but these accessories are bigger than fashion. Well, a fly head wrap can transform a look into something very special. It is actually very small, but does a mighty transformation on the rocker. Styling these bad boys can get tricky though, as simple as it appears on your head. Little wonder many of us spend quality time watching video tutorials which truly put us through on how best to tie or wear the Ankara head wrap.

The head wrap continues to evolve it has been transformed into “a vehicle of empowerment and a memento of freedom.” So why wouldn’t you rock this always? Therefore, you could be that lovely Ankara head wrap queen, just take a look at the following styles;

Head wrap 1

Hello World

Head wrap 2

Head wrap 3

Head wrap 4

Head wrap 5

Head wrap 6

Head wrap 7

Head wrap 8

Head wrap 9

Head wrap 10

Source: Instagram | Nigerian Hairstyles

Ankara head wraps are as lovely as ever!

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