We’ve seen the revolution, we’ve lived the change, we are the testimony of these millennium’s shift in fashion consumer behavior especially here in Africa. This revolution has been brewing and it finally exploded late 2015. If you don’t know what I am talking about- the Ankara evolution is what am speaking off.

Dressing fashionably has always been a way to express ourselves but as African’s this expression was limited to westernized fabrics only. Wearing our own fabrics like the Ankara. Aso Oke Adire and the lot was something that many people were ashamed of, but with the shift and bravado of many a designer including jewel by Lisa, Ituan Bassi, Modella and a host of others we became more inspired to see the beauty of the fabric. Now, new age designers like Mai Otti, Style Temple, SGTC Clothing, House of Nini and the likes have been able to mete our fashionable Ankara styles that are ahead of the global trend.

Also thanks to the evolution of the Ankara; high end designers like Stella Maxwell have begun to use the fabric on their run-way to create Magic, but we have our own Magic over here and to make sure we are still a step ahead of the global community, here are some innovative Ankara styles you should catch unto;


Hello World







Be Inspired!

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