Pepsi ambassadors, DJ Spinall and DJ Obi visited the Big Brother House and the #bbnaija Housemates got into the groove when they started showing them how the decks work.

With all the excitement flying around with having visitors, the #bbnaija Housemates didn’t hesitate inquiring from the DJ’s about their line of work.

Part of the visit included showing the #bbnaija Housemates how their decks worked and the DJ’s also gave them a chance to be the ones connecting the equipment. This came with a few little sound bangs that startled them a bit, but they were able to handle everything.

Thanks to the visit of the duo, the mood in the #bbnaija House lighted up as they had spent most of their day sleeping and trying to find missing pieces to a puzzle.

Dressed in their Pepsi branded regalia, the DJ’s entrance was also highlighted with the fact that they came bearing gifts for the Housemates. Each Housemate got a Pepsi backpack with their face on and hoodies with their names written on the backs.

Miracle won the Refresh the Mix task and as a reward, he received One Million Naira and he’ll be travelling with the Pepsi ambassadors to the One Africa Music Festival. On top of all the travelling in and around the continent and getting all excess VIP treatments, he’ll also get a year’s supply of Pepsi.

The rest of the #bbnaija Housemates were not left behind, as they also got invited to the Pepsi’s Lituation Party.


It’s been good news all day for Miracle as he was crowned the winner for both Pepsi’s Refresh the Mix task and the Arena games.


Unlike the previous games, today Biggie chose to take the Housemates to a carnival and the challenges only required nothing but concentration which meant that there was no need for protective gear.

After going through the challenges with the Housemates, the buzzer went off for Khloe to open the game and she couldn’t get past the last stage of the challenge until her allocated ten minutes was up. Tobi went next and it was a walk in the park for him. He managed to finish the challenge in less than six minutes.

Anto, Lolu and Alex followed in Khloe’s footstep and the challenged proved a bit difficult for them. Cee-C managed to finish hers in just over seven minutes while Nina was just six seconds from reaching her allocated ten mins.

However, the biggest winner of the day was Miracle who snatched the glory from Tobi a little above three minutes, making it his third consecutive win of the Arena games.

Patience Is Virtue

The Housemates all started on a good note and for a while it looked like they would all finish in time, but that was not the case for most of them.

The five-part challenge consisted of navigating the maze, feeding Harry which required them to throw three balls into the mouth, tossing the ring, fishing and stick and pole which required the Housemates to poke a ball off its stand by passing a stick through three electrical rings.

Because they were racing against time, they didn’t realize that all the game wanted was patience and steadiness. Miracle, Tobi and Cee-C all got it right but the realization is in the finish time.

Biggie Tasks All Housemates To Prepare An Appropriate Lunch As A Family.

As the final task of the week, Biggie task all housemates to prepare an elaborate family lunch, having all housemates involved in the cooking process.

Biggie stated that “it’s very important for all housemates to get involved in the food preparation process not having any one excluded been idle”.

After the food preparation, all housemates are expected to get properly dressed and meet at the dinner for the family lunch.

All housemates are gathered in the kitchen, showcasing their cooking vibe as Biggie entertains them with his music playlists.

Housemates finally done preparing their elaborate lunch where we have all sorts of food ready to be dealt with.

Dinner is fully set and its about time to enjoy the meal.

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