It looks like Alex’s apology wasn’t enough to settle the dust between herself and Cee-C.

Alex’s apology gave the idea that she and Cee-C had finally buried the hatched and were headed down new paths, one free of grudges and malicious comments but it seems like  we were misled because another round of ‘she said, then I said’ exploded and had the duo going in circles.

Cee-C hadn’t been responsive during Alex’s ‘bearing my heart’ and continued reserving the loaf of bread, serving only crumbs by talking about how she was over trying to prove herself to people who could care less. Crumbs because during her post-Task conversation with Alex, a couple of slices were thrown and a lot was revealed.

The conversation was a back and forth that left even us a bit distorted to say the least. Cee-C clearly wanted to know why Alex thinks so lowly of her to even conclude that she was bothered but her friendship with she felt nothing but pity for. Alex on the other hand explained that it wasn’t hearsay that see-say. Her general behaviour having suggested that she was nauseated by the fact.

Despite Alex admirable calm and Cee-C having toned it down, the two were clearly tickled off by the relationship made during the conversation; with Cee-C completely disputing an emotional affiliations to Tobi and Alex disapproving of comments made by Khloe, Lolu and Bambam.

Rexona Task Presentation: Both Teams Delivered Quite And Interesting ‘ODOURS AWAY’ Performance –

Both Teams brought their A games but only one team could win.

After an afternoon filled with the reading of research material and scripts preps, the Arena summon finally came and the Housemates took their positions, ready to act the ‘odours’ away, curtesy of Rexona and as per brief, they had separated themselves into two groups; Miracle, Tobi and Ninabeing group 1’s constituents, while duo Alex and Cee-C of made up group 2.

Team 1

(Miracle, Tobi and Nina) was the first to present their piece and the trio’s take on the Task was quite humorous. Miracle played the role of ‘odour offender’ and had his relationship crumble because his girlfriend (Nina) who’d acted out for a while finally outed him and sent him packing.

Tobi on the hand played the roles of taxi driver and the advisor who presented Miracle with saving grace on the silver platter, Rexona.

Team 2

(Alex and Cee-C) also opted for a mini play with Cee-C being the one plating grace; saving Alex from a disastrous date she was meant to have pre Rexona redemption. Thanks to Cee-C’s radio slot that broke the ‘odour dilemma’ down and highlighted the solutions, Alex went from offender to bae real quick.

Both teams invested an admirable amount of effort but thanks to their humour, team 1 (Miracle, Tobi and Nina) bagged the win.

Tobi Got Speechless As Cee-C Brings Back Her Drama 

 The House came to a complete standstill this morning when an angry Cee-C stomped around the House, firing off expletives at Tobi. The two, who gave us the first coupling of the Big Brother Wahala season, are not on speaking terms as a result of what can only be referred to as a long and complicated feud.

Tobi, who was in the bedroom with Miracle and Alex getting Task-ready when Cee-C’s rant started, was shocked into silence at the sudden verbal onslaught that had come almost out of nowhere. Cee-C glided past him and called him everything from a useless, miserable fool, to “a man who can’t stand on his own”, for gossiping about her, as well as forming relationships with every female in the House, a reference to his close relationships with Anto and Alex. As expected, the House fell silent as Cee-C continued with her salvos.

It seemed Tobi would get a bit of respite however, when Cee-C stormed out of the room. When Tobi attempted to familiarise himself with the Task Brief in the lounge, Cee-C walked over for Round 2.  When Alex tried to defend Tobi, Cee-C told her to stay out of it because it was none of her business – and she did just that.

A cool, calm and collected Tobi sat back and encouraged her to let it all out – and with those words, the floodgates were thrown wide open. “Tell me about your likeness that is supposed to shake me. When you become a man, come and we can talk. Shut up and stop gossiping.

Respect yourself. When we go outside, you will cry, idiot. You are proud to have all these girlfriends, f***boy. Your bitterness is obvious. You didn’t want me to be Head Of House. I told you I cried for you and you believed? Stupid boy”.

When Cee-C finally walked away, a smile plastered on her face, Nina walked over to talk to Tobi about what had just transpired. When she suggested he defend himself by responding, Tobi politely declined and asserted Cee-C needed to deal with her anger. Cee-C then made her return and kicked off another round of insults, promoting Tobi to tell her “You love me”.

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