For the first time this season Alex has been crowned Head of House, but assurances to do unto her as she has done to previous HOH’s have been sworn by other Housemates.

In her Diary Session, she told Biggie that she was shocked that she got the title, but more than anything was delighted that she survived the last Nomination of the season.

Straight after the crowning of the Head of House, the Housemates expressed their feelings towards the new HOD in their Diary Sessions and the common thread was that most were happy for Alex.

Meanwhile Cee-C spoke of how she does not really like the new HOH because she has drama and doesn’t understand it.

However, she went on to mention that she feels that there will be a lot of drama, issues and problems because people are ready to give Alex what she’s always given to other HOH’s.

Cee-C hit the nail right on the head as Miracle told Big Brother that he’s always wanted Alex to be HOH only because he wants a chance to do unto her as she’s done when he was HOH. The pestering and demands that came from Alex are what he wants to return.

The Housemates are almost on the final stretch and Tobi couldn’t hold back his joy at Alex’s win, which saw him escape yet another Eviction. Alex’s Immunity granted her the chance to Save one more person and it couldn’t have been anyone but Tobi as their alliance seems to be growing each day.

Lolu’s disappointment at getting this far and not having been able to win HOH didn’t hold him back from celebrating Alex’s victory. Also the ladies of the House, Anto, Nina and Khloe cheered for another lady winning and mentioned how good it feels when a lady wins the challenge.

Not so long ago Alex made a vow that no Housemate should sleep in the House when she’s awake and we’ve seen her pestering Miracle and Tobi when they were HOH. It will be interesting to see how she handles the pressures that come with the reins.

Nina also mentioned how she’s always wanted to see her in a leadership position.

Nina’s Struggle To Put Her Point Across Has She’s Worried That Miracle Misunderstood What She Mean.

Nina’s struggle to articulate what she means has now got her worried that Miracle, whom she referred to as her “best friend in the House” during Sunday night’s Eviction Show, might have gotten the message wrong.

She told Alex that when Ebuka asked her what Miracle is to her, she didn’t know how or what kind of response he was looking for hence she opted for ‘best friend’.

Even though she explained to Miracle what a best friend is to her, she says she still feels like he doesn’t get what she means.

“To me, whenever I have a boyfriend I refer to him as my best friend’ Nina told Alex.

Alex reassured her that any person who knows her will understand what she means because a boyfriend can be called a best friend and a brother.

The heart to heart between Nina and Alex was soon disturbed when Miracle wanted something from Alex and she couldn’t attend to him then.

Upon knowing what they were talking about, he decided to sit down and listen in, hoping to understand why Nina has revisited the issue.

In her defence, Nina replied that she wanted to hear what another person made of the issue, to which her in-House boyfriend said there’s no issue.

According to Nina, the uncertainty of what’s going to happen after Big Brother has her protecting what she knows.

Many times she’s made mention of ‘Collins’ whom she’s always referred to as her boyfriend and today she told Alex that as long as she’s inside the House she’ll keep protecting him even though she doesn’t know if he’ll be there when she leaves Biggie’s House

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