After an emotionally-packed evening, Housemates were up for a few more surprises.

After having a heart to heart about their feelings, Lolu confessed to Anto that he could lose his mind if she’s not part of his life.

Quoting from a movie scene and being lyrical about his choice of words it was just a matter of time before the duo were locked in kissing mode. The kiss went on for a while, which only explains it had meaning.

Khloe Returns As Head Of House

With Khloe winning the Head of House for the second time, Biggie used the opportunity to remind Housemates of a few key housekeeping rules.  Calling on Tobi, Miracle and Cee-C, he asked the first two to show him their Nokia t-shirts and grilled them about their neglected state. Tobi denied having made any changes to his t-shirt and Miracle confessed he had cut the sleeves off his.  Yet it is for Cee-C that Biggie reserved his anger. Biggie clearly approved  the creativity in the House but deplored Cee-C’s attitude for her outfit represented a part of Nigeria. Biggie said her rudeness wasn’t welcomed at all and was a sign of ungratefulness towards those who provided her with such gift.

Shortly after the Nominations that saw two third of the House up for Evictions, Housemates were called into the Diary Room. As for the previous sessions, Housemates opened up about their true motives, likes and dislikes over the previous days. All seem to agree that the live band that played during the Saturday Night Party was one of Biggie’s best ideas. Meanwhile Alex, Khloe and Lolu had prepared another Truth and Dare game that they were intent on their peers to play. Courtesy of the drinks Biggie poured in the House, crispy revelations did emerge.


Having gathered in the lounge, Head of House Khloe entered the booth card to pick one of the four chance cards. She returned to her throne ready to open it and read its content aloud, but Biggie told her to hold on until he instructed her so. One by one, Housemates were called into the Diary Room and had to Nominate two fellow Housemates for possible Eviction.

Tobi Nominated Nina and Lolu, whom he never really took to liking ever since the beginning.

Head of House Khloe wanted to see Nina and Alex out of the House, which may well happen.

Miracle on the other hand has remained consistent throughout his Nomination sessions: week after week,he kept to Nominating Cee-C and Lolu.

As for Alex, she didn’t hesitate to name Rico Swavey who had become a confidante and Cee-C for reasons known by herself.

For Lolu, the choice was easy as he Nominated Cee-C and Miracle, unknowingly returning Miracle’s favour.

Anto had a different perspective as she wanted to see Rico and Cee-C up for Eviction, while Rico had reluctantly volunteered Cee-C and Lolu for the Exit.

As for Nina, Lolu and Cee-C had to go, if anything because she still resented Cee-C since their clash.

Last but not least, Cee-C Nominated Alex and Anto for possible Eviction, not knowing she would be among the Nominated ones.


Shy Beginnings

When Nina entered the House, she seemed to play it safe by associating with Miracle under whose shadow and tenderness she seemed to have taken shelter. Both gave the Double Wahala House its first kiss, and were almost instantly tied at the hip.  When Biggie paired them, it was as if their relationship was officially endorsed. Soon enough though, Nina made it clear that their couple may not outlive their stay in the House.

Hear Me Out

As the weeks went by and with Miracle’s encouragements, Nina came out of her shell. This renewed confidence helped her grab the Head of House title and she has since announced her intention to make her voice heard. Nina’s loudest clash followed when Cee-C tried to take a jab at her, and she gave it back to her fair and square. Khloe also found herself the recipient of her quick reply when Nina refuted accusations of bathroom untidiness.

You Will See Me

Yet it is with Khloe that Nina held her first girly conversation about skin and beauty standards. So it came as a surprise that Nina let Anto and Miracle help her shave her arms and legs, as Rico watched on frightfully from across the room.  Since the world is world, women have experimented with grooming techniques, and Nina has rocked different hairstyles in the House. Perhaps the hair removal was the last touch that she felt was missing to complement her striking natural beauty and echo her iron-like will.

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