After Cee-C’s surprise victory of the Arena Game, Biggie had more bombshells for the Housemates.

After a gruelling week of environmental awareness and physical constraints, Housemates were ready to get into a good game. Competition is a thing in the Double Wahala House, where week after week, Housemates out did themselves. Tonight was no different, as they jumped, crawled, climbed, dived and hit the ball like never before. Even Teddy A was undeterred when Biggie called him out for touching the bucket with his hands as he tried to pluck with his teeth, one of the apples out of the water. With forty-nine seconds, Cee-C’s record score was unquestionably the highlight of the Games.

As the adrenaline from the Game dissipated, Biggie took a jab at Housemates’ execution of the environmental challenge that didn’t meet his expectation. What was intended to be fun and simple turned out differently. Biggie also scorned Ifu and Lolu for throwing insults at each other. As always, he reassured the House to expect normal water supply again before dropping the bomb that they had lost their wager. At this stage, Housemates looked stunned and jumbled.

After a quick shower and some refreshments, Biggie gathered the Housemates in the lounge again this time to announce the winner of the Task Presentation. After outlining the criteria for the assessment, Biggie announced Team Blue – Ifu, Leo, Tobi and Lolu – and their Oct app as the winners of a 3-course lunch, as well as seed capital for each member, capacity building, access to free business clinics and individual business mentors. To top this very generous reward, each member of the winning team was also awarded a weekend getaway for two in a luxury hotel in Lagos.

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