The theme of the week was placed under the auspices of environmental awareness, as Big brother put the #bbnaija Housemates up for a significant challenge of caring for their own immediate environment – the House.

Biggie in his usual manner twisted things up a notch by imposing water rationing on the #bbnaija House. He made it known to the housemates that water would be provided only three times each day.

The Head of House Bambam read the instructions to a focused audience that looked flabbergasted as the list for the week’s task went on and on.

Biggie made it known that he expected the #bbnaija Housemates to perform a thorough spring cleaning of the House, starting from scrubbing the floors to disposing of garbage, making beds and folding clothes.

In the storeroom, Lolu had retrieved a bucket full of lemons, baking soda, vinegar, empty bottles and containers that he placed in the centre of the lounge area as the #bbnaija Housemates learned that they would have to create their own eco-friendly cleaning product out of the lot.

No sooner had this been done, that a Ninja emerged from the elevator with an empty bucket and browsed through every single cupboards to remove all existing cleaning products.

The Ninja disappeared briefly only to return with another empty bucket to repeat the task.

After a quick round of questions, the #bbnaija Housemates came together without a hurdle and agreed to divide the chores between them. The housemates soon set to the task with very little enthusiasm, armed with spray bottles filled with DIY mixtures.

The only ones who took the Task at heart were Rico Swavey and Bambam who made their minds known to the other #bbnaija Housemates for their untidiness and lack of consideration.

Most surprisingly, Bambam seemed to enjoy roaming from one room to another to supervise progress as Head of the #bbnaija House.

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