The Housemates seem to have used their art pieces to reveal their inner most desires and show that there’s more to them than meets the eye.

The Housemates spent a good part of their day working on their individual art pieces; even their Diary sessions reflected just how invested they were in their Tasks because for the first time in a long time, they were allowed to work on themselves and produce pieces independent of outside opinions. Although the redesigning Task is meant to go on beyond today and the fact that this might not be true for all of them, the art pieces produced thus far speaks volumes about the Housemates’ personalities and internal battles.

Rico Swavey has never been one to shy away from expressing himself and talking about the demons he’s had to battle in the past and his abstract artwork is full proof of this. Seeing as he hasn’t always been personal in his interaction with the other Housemates, the dark colours he’s opted for could mean just that; although not much is known about him, there’s much to be revealed.

Tobi on the other hand straight-out produced a female figure that many believe to be Cee-C thanks to the features strikingly similar to those of Cee-C’s. Besides the experienced craftsmanship behind the image; his intentions, made clear when he relentlessly courted Cee-C and refused to back down till he’d won her over. This may as well be a man painting what he wants and hoping it materializes.

Nina and Miracle produced very basic art, with each one vaguely giving reasons for their pattern choices and although nothing obvious to their personalities was revealed, Nina brought out her inner child when she told biggie that she wanted a Teddy Bear to go with her newly designed space. On the other hand, Miracle’s bedside table was a very impressive piece of art.

While Alex hadn’t done anything, attributing it to the fact that she hadn’t been given her material; Lolu and Anto collaborated their artistic efforts and produced something only they seemed to understand. This for them is very fitting, seeing as their relationship has been a rollercoaster ride only they enjoyed.

Khoe and Cee-C are hands down the most misunderstood of the bunch and their paintings were a clear reflection of this. Khloe produced what looked like a window, probably trying to express how she would have like it if the others stopped misjudging her and actually try to get to know who she really is by looking at things through her looking glass; while Cee-C painted a big pink heart on a dark background.

Seeing as she’s had the other Housemates misunderstand her demeanour and think of her as self-centred, this could as well be a cry for help and a demonstration of the fact that despite how she comes across, she has a lot pf love to give and is open to receiving it as well.

Anto Took The Challenge That Tobi Had Thrown At Her And Had Him Paint And Print Her Buttocks On A Piece Of Canvas.

As part of Housemates art creations, Anto added a kinky twist to hers by printing her naked buttocks on a piece of canvas. This idea was originally a dare that Tobi had made earlier this week, as he seemed to have upped his flirting with Anto ever since she and Lolu locked lips.

The whole enchilada took place in the bathroom, where under Khloe’s watchful eagle eyes, Anto walked in with a towel around her waist, opened it before turning her back to Tobi who then applied layers of blue and pink paint to her backside.

Tobi then brought two pieces of white canvas on which Anto quickly sat to print her body part on it.  It was a rather funny mission, as the three of them were, like partners in crime, in a hurry to expedite the matter so as not to draw attention from the rest of the House.  All the while, Lolu who had voiced his opposition to Tobi’s taunt seemed to have been kept away by the trio.

For all the Mr Muscle role that Tobi has been playing in the House, he surprisingly revealed artistic talents and a sensitivity to provocative art that moved the House. Tobi’s painting of a woman’s face many attributed to being Cee-C had left his peers speechless.

Yet Anto had shared with Lolu that she had taken some art classes in the past. As one of the strongest willed Housemate, Anto has been able to have her way with pretty much anyone in the House, as guys and girls equally admired and feared her wits. With this challenge, Anto has proven once more that she brought a lot more fun to the Double Wahala game.

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