As days turn into weeks and weeks into months, it’s becoming more and more visible that no one is immune to a pinch of drama and quarrels can’t entirely be avoided; not even by our ‘couple crush’ Nina and Miracle.

 Nina claimed that Miracle had shouted at her and seems to have an ‘I don’t know how to apologise’ default to his personality. Miracle on the other hand felt that it was only human of him to shout back at her unwelcome persistence while he was making food for the both of them. He seems to be unable to leave any stones unturned though as he was quick to want to confront Nina after Anto told him that she summoned him occultly. The point here is not the quarrel, it’s the fact that Nina was not afraid to manifest her displeasure.

The couple has had a couple of play fights and have always been able to iron their difference out and until yesterday, have never let the sun set on their wrath. This harmony can be largely attributed to Nina previously being unable to stand on her own two feet and leaning on Miracle for moral support. This crack in her personality was further deepened by how the rest of the Housemates perceived her as dull and air headed; unable to speak her mind and give an independent opinion. Basically, their relationship remained intact because in all honesty, how does one wage war against their only support structure and defence?

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This week is all about the Heritage Bank Task.

Last week posed a challenge of stamina and physical rapport but this week is more about the mind. The Heritage Bank Challenge is all about strategy, skill and decoding clues. The theme this week is all about conservation and environmentalism so the Task lends it’s challenges to this narrative.

Housemates were sorted into teams as follows:

  • Team Blue: Leo, Lolu, Ifu Ennada and Tobi
  • Team White: Miracle, Teddy A, Nina and Bambam
  • Team Green: Anto, Rico, Cee-C and Alex

They were then sent on a treasure hunt to find clues that denoted to particular objects of their Team colour.

Straight after all the formalities were out of the way, the new teams jumped to their new Task and scattered around the House. Everyone was motivated and ready for the new challenge which definitely plays more of a mental aspect than that of last week. Team Green was the first team to successfully get their kit box.

Within their kit box lay all the tools that the teams needed to set up their strategy corner and let’s just say that Team white was relishing in their success. Team green came with a lot of tension as both Cee-C and Alex cannot seem to see eye to eye lately. This caused a bit of contention during the Task but it is obviously working to their advantage at this stage.

Team blue were struggling to complete their treasure hunt and spent over two hours trying to collect all the clues that would allow them to collect their kit box. Even as the Housemates went in to their Diary Sessions, Team Blue was still turning the House upside down in an attempt to complete the hunt.

All of this preparation and challenge will result in a House debate where each Housemate will play a role. The teams need to try and snoop and find out what the other teams are doing. The essence of all of this is that in the real business world you need to know what your competitors are doing to enable you to up your game.

Who do you think will win?

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