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Teddy A, Nina, Cee-C and BamBam are all up for Eviction this week.

The House has been a whole new world since Khloe and Anto returned. Things are getting spicier by the minute and the Nominations were no different. BamBam, Teddy A, Cee-C and Nina are all up for Eviction this week.

Here’s how the housemates voted:

Alex – Teddy A and BamBam

Anto – CeeC and BamBam

BamBam – CeeC and Nina

CeeC – BamBam and Teddy A

Khloe – CeeC and Alex

Lolu – Miracle and Nina

Miracle – CeeC and Lolu

Nina – Lolu and CeeC

Rico Swavey – CeeC and Teddy A

Teddy A – Miracle and Nina

Tobi – BamBam and Teddy A

Even though Tobi is Head of House, he only got immunity from the nominations and not a veto power to save and replace a housemate.

House vs. Cee-C

Cee-C seems to of ruffled too many feathers lately as she was the Housemate who accumulated the most Nominations of them all. Now that there are so many ladies in the House, it was inevitable that some would turn on others and as Cee-C has proven that she doesn’t do so well in the company of other women, it has worked to her detriment this week. Four of her five Nominations came from the other ladies in the House.

Powerless Couple

The fact that BamBam and Teddy A are up for Eviction this week does not come as that much of a shock due to last week’s spicy fake Nominations. Could it be their demeanor towards the other Housemates or the fact that they tend to close others off and keep to themselves a lot. Needless to say, the onetime power couple in the House have lost their armour and are now powerless to their possible fate.

Princess Nina

Nina has been safe for most of her Big Brother Naija journey, getting saved by Miracle or not getting Nominated at all but her recent actions in the House have caused many of the Housemates to think twice about her. Her tendency to play the victim and constantly bring up her age have gotten a few people irritated, or p[perhaps they see her as a threat.

All in all it was a riveting experience all around, it is important to note that no-one Nominated the two new additions to the House and that all four that are up for Nomination have previously held quite a lot of power in the House. Oh how the tables have turned!


The last 24 hours in the House have been a wild ride and many of the Housemates obviously had a lot pent up inside, that is probably why last night’s Diary Sessions were so loaded.

BamBam’s Breakdown 

It is now becoming a tradition that at least one Housemate has a meltdown during Diary Sessionsand last night it was Bambam. She said it was due to the fact that she was sick of the other Housemates and how they were trying to make her seem fake when they don’t even know her but it was probably because she was put up for Eviction along with Teddy A, Nina and Cee-C. She expressed her deep love for the Big Brother brand and how much she has enjoyed the game but that she was just so tired of the Housemates. All but Teddy A of course.

Alex always lets it ALL out during her Diary Sessions and last night was no different, she was utterly infuriated at the fact that Khloe was back in the House and particularly worried that Khloe told her “I gave you my man”. She also went on and on about Leo, stating that no one understands her like him and that he is the only person that could calm her down in the House.

While there may be a lot of oestrogen in the House at the moment, last night the guys kept it very cool in the Diary Room. Teddy A, who is up for Eviction was as cool as ever, but he did state that he is sick of all the pettiness in the House and uses smoking as an escape. Tobi was elated as he had just won HoH and gotten his strike removed due to the game reset, Miracle was chattier than usual but still chilled and quite positive.

Lolu’s Session was another interesting one as Biggie put him on the spot about his current situation with Anto. He looked sheepish and acted as though he did not know why Anto was feeling different towards him. He did say that he would make a point out of having a conversation with her soon to figure out the exact source of her anger towards him.

Cee-C appears to be taking the Game Reset seriously and is doing her best to turn over a new leaf, it could that she is fearful of Khloe or just plain disappointed in her past behaviour but yesterday she hashed out her issues with Nina and last night, after the Diary Sessions she chatted calmly to Khloe. She told her about her issues with Tobi and treaded lightly, something we have not seen from Cee-C in a while.


Tobi wins HoH for the fourth time and chooses Khloe as his luxury bedroom partner.

Tobi must be blessed with a gift or maybe it is his competitive nature but today he went on to win the HoH challenge for the fourth time, making him the HoH champion.

King and Queen

After Tobi won the title of HoH after everyone opened the 120 envelopes provided by Biggie, his reaction was one of total elation. While there were still chance cards to be opened, Biggie told Tobi he must choose one Housemate to share the luxury bedroom with. Tobi surprisingly chose Khloe, must to the disgust of Cee-C. The complete horror was written all over Cee-C’s face. The terms state that Tobi must share the bedroom only with his chosen partner. This is definitely going to bring the spice!

Card 1

After winning HoH, there are chance cards that determine what benefits you will get as this week’s HoH, Tobi chose card 1 which gave him full immunity but did not allow him to save or replace any of the other Housemates. Tobi looked disappointed at this as he probably wanted to have the chance to return the favour to the other half of his “bromance” in the House, Miracle. Thankfully Miracle was not put up for Nomination.

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