This week’s theme revolves around home sweet home, and as if they were at home Housemates have received a Yes Task. Each one will have to open a card daily and comply with its instructions as the Task difficulties increase over the days. Knowing that the Task will affect their Wager, Housemates lent themselves to some hilarious feats.

To complete her share of the Task, Head of House Khloe had to apply make-up on her face as requested. Later in the evening, Cee-C who had found another card elected Rico for the Task of wearing his clothes inside out. It was quite comical but he was not the only one as Alex’s instructions to walk backwards for the rest of the day broke the House into laughter. When Anto’s turn came she had to execute a dance strictly for the guys, which by the time she was finished left the lounge spinning. Yet Miracle’s card instructions cracked Housemates ribs as he had to confess a major secret to a plant.

The Diary Session left Housemates hungry and they gladly refuelled in the kitchen. Since Biggie always looks after his guests, Tobi was delighted to run to the store room from where they found bottles of liquors to keep the night going. Since Teddy A and his bartender skills had exited, Miracle was left with pouring drinks into his peers’ glasses. Shortly after together with Tobi they plunged into the steamy Jacuzzi and were soon joined by Nina, Anto, Alex and Lolu. Khloe also joined in the fun but remained outside the tub, while Cee-C had called it an early night and was in bed.

Earlier in the day a fight involving Khloe and Anto about the number of portions the Head of House was cooking quickly turned into an uncontrollable situation when other Housemates got involved.

An advice from Tobi didn’t sit well with Khloe and she got agitated even more. The issue was interrupted by the game of cards which for most of the day it remained that way.

However, the issue was brought back to life when Khloe and Miracle revisited it. This time Miracle as trying to make her understand from his point of view but Khloe was hearing none of it. The conversation went on with Khloe speaking almost ninety percent of the time, but eventually they moved on from the issue.


Anto returned to great acclaim into the House, and did not waste time setting Lolu straight for all that she had learned about him on the outside. For all the prose and pleading that Lolu could ever come up with, there was nowhere for him to escape her wrath. Anto made it clear that she had no intention to trust him again, yet broke into pieces as she admitted to Biggie that her feelings had been hurt. Since revenge is a dish best served cold, and there is plenty of fish in the Double Wahala House, Anto toyed with Tobi, like a cat would play with a mouse trapped in its paws.  They shared a bed and for a few days, Tobi was on a high from all her female energy, to Lolu’s utmost despair.

As far as the eye can see, Anto and Lolu’s kiss sealed their complicity even tighter, as both seem to genuinely revel in each other’s company. All day long, Lolu was floating on a cloud, lending a helping hand to more Housemates than ever. While Anto was cooking, he kissed her on the back of her neck. If anything Lolu appeared to be completely smitten and mesmerized by his lady, who never took her doe eyes away from him.

It may well be that having watched Lolu’s persistence pay off, Tobi has decided to chart the same course. As Lolu and Anto retired to bed together, Tobi asked if she was still up, to which she replied ‘yes with Lolu’ before he replied ‘okay, tomorrow then’ as Alex couldn’t help but add ‘Ode! I told you, you don’t have sense’. Later when Anto was in the kitchen looking for a potato peeler, Tobi clumsily offered her a sensual massage in response. Still he pushed the joke further by telling Anto – in presence of Lolu – how he wanted to paint her buttocks and stick them on the wall. Tobi might as well have put a foot in his mouth, for Lolu elegantly replied that he would be uncomfortable with that.

Rico Seem To Have Found Emotional Stability In The House Since Khloe’s Return

As the one and only Housemate to have never been caught in a quarrel, it would be fair to say that Rico knows a thing or two about surviving nineteen Double Wahala personalities.

Yet one cannot deny that Rico had had quite a miserable time with his female ladies, and the return of Khloe seem to have stabilised his pursuit for attention. When he hugs Khloe she hugs him back, she returns in all manners the affection Rico has been craving. This has tremendously helped balance his game as he now has an emotional partner.

Just before Khloe’s return, it was Alex who had found herself the subject of Rico’s intense focus. Still as much as Alex has been quite demonstrative in her body language, for some reason she never took to Rico’s hugs. Rico was pursuing Alex to no ends, to the point she was starting to feel uncomfortable and voiced it to Biggie during a Diary Session. Before her it was Ahneeka who was the centre of Rico’s attention, yet again with no luck, as she kept him at bay.

It is true that Rico is cute, with an electric smile and soft-spoken manners. He was never perceived as a threat by the female Housemates, perhaps his hair styling and cooking talents may have contributed to it. Regardless when Biggie first paired the House, together with K.Brule they were the last guys to find a partner, which led them to feel like second best choices.

Like a silent volcano always in activity, Rico has contained himself very well. That he has made it this far is a testimony to his remarkable abilities to dodge all bullets. However with Khloe’s return, it remains to be seen whether she’s not using him as a clutch for her own game, which may well be cause for a volcanic eruption.

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