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Toddlers are in their delicate stage, while they were babies you had to feed them with breast milk, and a few subtle food that you know wouldn’t cause them harm but living the baby stage and becoming a toddler is a different game entirely, this time they already have a mind of their own and they can tell you what they want and what they don’t want.

For toddlers mothers are advised to check out their kids and take note of those things that they like… For example, most kids don’t like vegetables and we all know that veggies are good for kids, therefore how do you make it work? This is one of the question that would be answered in the video but before then here are a few tips you could pay attention to;

Whether you are a working mum or stay at home mum, meal prep during the weekend helps you to be able to plan your toddlers meal. Children like variety and who can blame them, so rather than the regular rice, beans and plantain combo, try to work all types of food into your child’s meal plan… focus on making sure that you give them meals with enough nutrients to keep them strong and healthy.

Coconut Rice

Hello World

Toddlers also like to stain themselves a lot, they are kids after all, therefore take into cognizance meals that wouldn’t cause the teachers so much strain to get off them.

Now its time to watch SISI Yemmie in action- here are the back to school lunch ideas for your toddlers:


Source: YouTube-SisiYemmie Tv

Remember to reward your kid with a little sweet, be it juice, snacks, biscuits etc .

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